Facebook Paper - new update

Paper app is technically the twin hit of Flappy Bird (now debunked).

But yeah, the Facebook PAPER APP for the iOS is only available (as of yet) via iDevices and no rumors yet as to when it shall be availabe on Andoid.

Here's the latest update, go DL it in your AppStore now.

NEWSER App (read less know more)

My favorite news reader has finally updated their iOS app into the latest format...

I got to discover this app back in 2009, it has been reliable and newsworthy with the inclusion of eye candy images with pumped news meat without the long reads.

That's basically my reason for rating it as an effective news bearer...

Loading is fast, flowing collection is absolutely reliable as their correspondents carefully mixed the latest news in the internet.

iBooks update minimalist

I just noticed lately the clean squeaky feat of iOS AppStore's iBooks.

It's definitely a wow!

Indulge in reading.

- macdeuz

How To Save Battery Juice without a battery pack?

Brightness on any device eats up a lot of energy. Enough said, you have to dim your phone's brightness.

You might wanna tinker too on the location and Push Options of your phone. Set those things to manual so that it can only activate whenever you're using those apps - by saying that, you should be killing apps running in the background.

What Is The Best IPhone Camera App?

Honestly, I'm sick of Instagram, PicStitch, Over, Adobe Express and other camera apps from the AppStore. They have their own domain of expertise and I get to be annoyed when switching to each of 'em just to achieve what I wanted.

I was thinking and dreaming of a free app where everything has it all:
- collage
- crop 
- designs / built in captures
- frames
- edits
- texts overlays
- stamps
- easy sharing

Then I discovered LINE chat app back in 2013 sometime August I think?
And then it led me to download LINE CAMERA app, and my dream was realized.

Problem solved!
Bonus? It's so easy to use and navigate.

Go check the app and download it! It's for free.

Paper Facebook App - stories from FB

Finally, the new Facebook app is here - it's called Paper.

It's a must that you download it. It's better than the Facebook App.

It's wonderfully and tastefully created.

Go check it out in the App Store.

-macdeuz (lifted from my iPhone)

So Hot: Hap Chan Tea House Eton Centris

I had to stop by at Centris after my adventure at INC OFFICES in central commonwealth avenue Quezon City.

And guess what? Their chili sauce is indescribably hot. I mean super hot! For real.

Just a drop and tinge of it, I nearly shouted with pleasure and pain. It's marking to the deepest roots of my taste buds. Hahaha!

-macdeuz (lifted from outgoings)